Wednesday, October 22, 2008


10 beautiful days off. Vacation is a lovely thing. Going to do Oktoberfest this weekend and then flying down to Mississippi to visit family. Hope everybody is doing well and riding lots. Later folks.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

obla dee, obla dah.... just keeps going on. I can't believe how fast the year is going by.There's only 2.5 weeks left til the next and last race forthe year. Well the last MTB race of the year anyway. I might try a few CX races this year. WHich means that I need to head out and attempt to develop some mounting/dismounting skills. Bleh. Or, I could just go out and "wing it". That sounds like more fun but much more potential embarassment. Ah well.

Everything else is going pretty well. My second job(Bonefish) helped cater a charity wine tasting last night. We were told to prepare for 350 people. So of course that means that only 150 people showed. The downside..was kind of slow and boring. The upside.....lots of leftover food. All the caterers went around trading food and such. I ended up with a good bit of salmon and several canolis. :-D The 2 girls that went with us to help serve food ended up with a box of wine each. It was definitely a good night. The only downside. I missed the GWAR show. ;-)

Hope everybody had a good weekend. Later folks.