Thursday, November 29, 2007


Been busier than hell around here. Between the holiday,work, and "training" there hasn't been a whole lot of blogging time. I also discovered a sweet used bookstore and that has been taking up some time also. They have their older hardbacks on sale for $2 and I've stocked up in that area as well. I shouldn't need any new books before spring.

Hope everybody had a good T-giving. We went out to the Winston-Salem area to Amanda's mothers house. Ate to much and, since I can't get it here, bought a months supply of Burn energy drink(liquid crack).

I believe I've got the build up of the new frame figured out. it's a little budget oriented at the moment but hopefully I'll be able to upgrade most of the parts over time.

Hope everybody is having a great week.
Later yall.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I need a band-aid.....

..cuz I am getting cut!!! OK. Not really. I can tell the strength w/o's are having some effect though. I can do 3 pull-ups now. :-)

Anyway. Happy Thanksgiving folks!!!!!! Hope everybody as a great holiday. ime to mentally prepare for the X-mas season.

Oh. Anybody who has any experience with the SRAM drivetrain components feel free to speak up about the pros and cons. Specifically the x-9 shifters and xo rd. I've never used anything but shimano stuff. The LBS has a sweet deal going on the previously mentioned stuff and I'm thinking of buying them for the new frame. Thanks for any help.

Later folks.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shopping is over!!!!!!

A decision has FINALLY been made. Of course the final winner wasn't even on my previous short list but oh well. The money will be sent out for the frame in the next few days. Then I can start agonizing over components and such.

Oh. As for the final decision. I'm once again drinking the Odea Kool-Ade and going with the Vassago Bandersnatch.

WOOHOO!!!!!! Can't wait.