Tuesday, October 30, 2007


..the first weight w/o is in the books. I can already tell that I'll be hurting tomorrow. It'll be worth it to stick with it though. Strength and power are my biggest limiters and I am bound and freaking determined to improve them this year. Not much else going on today. Getting ready to head out on a ride and spin the legs out some. Hope everybody is having a good day. Later yall.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall is now here

It's official. The first frost is here and it was downright chilly this morning. Time to hunt down the wool socks,arm warmers and knee warmers. Sigh.

I'm about 98% sure about the new bike. I'm not saying anything because as soon as I do I'll change my mind. I am graduating up to big wheels though. I know me. If I stuck with the FS XC 26er bikes I'll always be wondering what I'm missing so I have to give them a try.

I also dusted off the dumbells and bench,hung the pull up bar up, and(gasp) purchased a Yoga for Cyclists DVD. Sometimes I wish I didn't hate the gym so much. I might be more motivated to actually do that crap if I paid for it. Hopefully I'll be more committed this year. Lord knows...it can only help me do better than I did this past summer.

Ah well....hope everybody had a fun weekend. Later yall.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog theft

Been a boring time around here lately. I sprained my foot in a stupid way so I've been laid up for the last few days. Soooo..to help pass the time I've been creating workout playlists for my ipod. Yesterday I spent way to much time figuring out a playlist for climbing workouts. Anyway, out of sheer boredom I decided to share them with you folks(you lucky few ;-)) If anybody has any ideas to improve it..feel free to share them. Or even better..create a playlist you'd use and share it. I will then steal any ideas I like. You've been warned.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Parallel Universe( bass line and tempo are perfect for climbing. plus, i love the way they jam and go off at the end of the song)

Slipknot-Wait and Bleed(pure primal rage and anger. Slipknot is on heavy rotation on my ipod for just about every ride or race)

Anthrax-Fueled(really simple and heavy song. works great)

Metallica-Battery(no explanation needed. if you've never heard it go get a copy of Master of Puppets now)

GnR-Welcome to the Jungle(in my humble opinion...greatest song ever..i know,i know..opinions are like assholes..it works for me though)

The Rollins Band-Starve(just for the line.."i make myself burn")

Fishbone-Sunless Saturday(Heavy and angry Fishbone style..which means they somehow make it sound happy)

Slipknot-Everything Ends(more Slipknot..like I said..they get played a lot)

Metallica-Master of Puppets(Metallica gets played a lot also)

Iron Maiden-The Trooper(no real reason....I really like Maiden)

Korn-Got the Life(Just really,really dig this song)

And there we go..it's still a work in progress so it will be added to and subtracted from.

Hope everybody is having a good week. We're finally getting some much needed rain here.

Later yall.

Oh..I titled this post Blog Theft cuz I've read other blogs like this and I was to lazy to figure out anything else to write about.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

The leaf people are coming...

...and work is booming. Asheville is starting its annual fall population explosion this week. The leafs are starting to turn so the "leafers" are showing up. The Parkway is starting to become a dangerous place to ride. Nothing like tons of people driving 5 miles an hour looking everywhere but where they are going. Good times.

Not a whole lot going on here. Getting some riding in and working a lot. Started the diet this past monday. I shouldn't say diet. Started the reduced portion eating plan. That's better. You can tell it's slower than usual when I even mention this. Sigh.

Oh yeah. Some people(OK, only Brian) asked where the music went. It was a free service and I read somewhere about all the nasty viruses you can get from places such as that. Since I had to do a major computer overhaul last winter because of that I decided to play it safe. If I can figure out a way to stick my itunes playlist on there I will.

Hope everybody is having a good week. Later folks.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Buck fever

Hit up the Twin Six sale this weekend and picked up the 07 Buck jersey. Sweet. Can't beat a high quality jersey for the low,low price of $45. Other than that it's been a hectic weekend with 2 15 hour work days. I have the next 2 days off though so hoping to get in some nice, long days in the saddle. I'm just trying to decide if I wanna take the cross bike out to Bent Creek or the Giant out for some more technical stuff. Ah well...I have 2 days..I can do both. Hope everybody had a great weekend.

Ya'll come back now. Ya hear?

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Help the ladies and the kids.

Anybody who hasn't does so and is able..please head over to Danielle and Bonnies blogs(links on right..under the good reading heading), click on their JDRF links and donate if'n you can. Any little bit you can give helps. Thanks folks. Yall have a good day.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh yeah...I do have a blog.

I seem to remember posting things about my "boring ass life" here from time to time. Things have been extra busy around here lately.I started my "bike job" last week. So far it's going o.k. We'll see how working 60-70 hours a week feels on my 39 year old ass in a few months though. The plan is to offset some of the costs of my biking addiction by working a little extra during my "downtime". So hopefully..finances aren't such a source of tension around mi casa. Not to mention I've depleted my bank account a little more than planned with the CX bike and I need to get that back up for the sake of my sanity.

Speaking of the CX bike. SWEET!!!!!! I'm loving it. I've been using it as a road/commuter bike. It does great at both. I've taken it down a few forest roads and it does well there also. All in all it's a really,really fun bike. I don't know if I'll have time to to shame myself at any CX races this year but I want to try. We'll see. Ah well. That's about all thats going on here Hope everybody is having a great time. Later folks.