Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall is now here

It's official. The first frost is here and it was downright chilly this morning. Time to hunt down the wool socks,arm warmers and knee warmers. Sigh.

I'm about 98% sure about the new bike. I'm not saying anything because as soon as I do I'll change my mind. I am graduating up to big wheels though. I know me. If I stuck with the FS XC 26er bikes I'll always be wondering what I'm missing so I have to give them a try.

I also dusted off the dumbells and bench,hung the pull up bar up, and(gasp) purchased a Yoga for Cyclists DVD. Sometimes I wish I didn't hate the gym so much. I might be more motivated to actually do that crap if I paid for it. Hopefully I'll be more committed this year. Lord can only help me do better than I did this past summer.

Ah well....hope everybody had a fun weekend. Later yall.

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