Tuesday, April 29, 2008


.....that's what the temp was as of 7 a.m. So much for not needing the cooler weather stuff anymore. Sigh. Just when I put the arm and knee warmers up.I jinxed myself. Should've known. Ah well..no time for downtime. Burn is going to hurt enough as is.

Hope everybody had a great weekend and is getting a lot of saddle time in. Later yall.

Saturday, April 26, 2008


I took a bunch of "before" pics of the new bike stuff before I take it to the lbs so it can become a bike. Of course, my temporary computer won't load the pics. F'in hell!!!!!!!! Anyway , for anybody that's intrested, here's the final build.

Frame-Vassago Bandersnatch
Seatpost-Thomson Elite
Saddle-Selle Itaila Flite
Stem-FSA OS 140 110mm
Handlebar-FSA Flat Aluminum 31.8mm
Brakes-Hayes Hydro stolen from old bike
Shifters-SRAM X-7
Wheels-Slasa Delgado 29er Race with WTB Laserdisc Lite hubs
Crankset-Truvativ Stylo 3.3(BB intergrated)
FD-Shimano XT
RD-Sram X-9
Pedals-Crankbrothers Eggbeaters
Tires-Maxxis Ignitor(Front), Maxxis Crosmark(rear)

Some parts(brakes and saddle for sure, possibly the stem) will be swapped out as $ allow.

Goodluck to Eddie and Nam O in Cali.

You all have a good weekend. Later folks.

Friday, April 18, 2008


Only 5 weeks til Burn.How in the hell did that happen? Where the f--k did April go? AH well. Everything seems to be on track bikewise and mewise. We'll see soon I guess.

As far as the new bike goes. One Shimano part made it. The front deraileur will be an XT model.The shop was out of x-9's. There will be pics someday. Hopefully. If anybody wants to imagine it..think lots of silver and black.

Anyways...good luck to everybody racing this weekend.Later folks.Yall be good now.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ears back to normal

Well..it took almost 2 days but my ears have finally stopped ringing. As mellow as DBT can be on record, live and in concert they are 100% rock band. Loud, testosterone driven(even the lady bass player was a bad ass:-D) and freakin awesome. Luckily for me my boss is also a huge fan and caters the shows whenever they play here. I got to be part of the crew and got to watch soundcheck an get into the show later that night. All for a grand total of 30-45 minutes of very easy work. Sweet. They played for about 2 hours and did all the songs I hoped they would.I'm still grinning.

On other subjects.Spring is finally here!!!! It's sunny and 70 here today andwhile it's been raining a good bit the weather is a LOT warmer.

Hope everybody had a great weekend and that things are going good. Later folks.