Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Ears back to normal

Well..it took almost 2 days but my ears have finally stopped ringing. As mellow as DBT can be on record, live and in concert they are 100% rock band. Loud, testosterone driven(even the lady bass player was a bad ass:-D) and freakin awesome. Luckily for me my boss is also a huge fan and caters the shows whenever they play here. I got to be part of the crew and got to watch soundcheck an get into the show later that night. All for a grand total of 30-45 minutes of very easy work. Sweet. They played for about 2 hours and did all the songs I hoped they would.I'm still grinning.

On other subjects.Spring is finally here!!!! It's sunny and 70 here today andwhile it's been raining a good bit the weather is a LOT warmer.

Hope everybody had a great weekend and that things are going good. Later folks.

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