Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Car free(sort of) for a month

Yesterday started my car free experiment. For the next month I plan on using a bike to go anywhere I don't absolutely have to drive to. For trips to the grocery store, Sam's, and stuff like that I'll have drive. All other trips(work, sisters,and such) I'll be riding. With gas prices the way they are and Asheville being as ummmmm..compact as it is.it just makes more sense to commute. Amanda and I are aslo gonna try and not eat out for the month as well. Hopefully by the end of the month we'll see a pretty signifigant savings increase. I know I will as far as gas goes. Hell, I'll probably save enough to finance a race with.

On the new bike front..I've decided to see if I can go Shimano free with it. The only thing I'm waffling on is the crankset. Anybody have any experience with FSA,Truvativ, or Race Face cranks? Shimano makes great stuff and I have no problem with it.I'm just doing this for shits and grins basically. Hell.....I don't know why..just seemed like a good idea at the time.:-)

Hope everybody had a good weekend.Later folks.


Chris said...

Good luck with the car free month.

We quit going out to eat, but it wasn't by choice. Kids and eating out don't mix. We have saved a bundle though.

I use Truvativ cranks on my road bike and they work great. The only thing I would say is to match it with a Truvative BB. I had an FSA BB at first and it wasn't quite right.

oldmanandhisbike said...

More power to ya for going car free. Might need to get an extracycle soon!
Hey, a buddy of mine from work is leaving today for Asheville and some mountain biking. If you see someone in a batteries plus jersey out on the local trails, stop him and say hi.
Truvativ is the only crank I have used for years and they work like a charm. Lightweight too.

oldmanandhisbike said...

P.S. I agree with Chris; don't mix manufacturers.