Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm back!!!!!

Sort of. I finally broke down and pulled out our old computer.It's slow and seeing how it uses Windows 98 as it's OS the internet connection sometimes overwhelms it, but hey, it lets me do what I need to do...sorta.Anyway,things are pretty much back to normal here. I'm finally completely over the flu and back on track riding wise. The one good thing about being sick is that it took 6 pds off me.Though with my luck that was 6 pds I needed.

Hope everybody is getting a lot of saddle time in. Yall have a good one.


Chris said...

Welcome back.

Danielle said...

Hey! You should come down (or up??) and do the Cohutta 65. It would be good practice for Burn and I don't think that it has a cap on the field.

allan said...

Danielle-I've already cancelled my days off for the Cohutta. I'd forgot about the 65 miler option. :-( Dammit. I'm trying to fina a partner for PMBAr and use that as Burn practice. Good luck there!!