Friday, September 29, 2006

Pulling the plug

I've decided to pull the plug on my season. I was planning on doing the Swank 65, but after what, I feel, was a disappointing showing at the 24 Hours of Pisgah I've changed my mind. The Swank is only open to 100 riders and I feel like if do it I'll be taking a spot from somebody who has a chance of doing a better race than me. Which means that I get to start planning next year. Most(pretty much all) the races I'm planning on doing don't have a set date yet but I'm gonna start planning anyway. Next year will be my most ambitious year yet.I've only done ORAMM 3 yimes and 24 HOP once. Everybody I read here in internet world does more than that in the first few months of the season. I feel like a poser when I read and post comments on thier blogs and in the mtbr forums so next year I going to fix that. Goodluckto everybody doing worlds.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

24 HOP

OK. A quick race report. This was my first attempt at a 24 Hour race.Me being me,I decided to try it solo. I read all kinds of training guides and really worked my ass off. I got to the race the day before and set my stuff up. I had already gone out for a ride that morning so I decided to chillout for the rest of the day. I figured since I'd already ridden the course during training I would be set. Mistake number 1. I got up the next morning feeling good and ready to go. Once the race started I was quickly reminded of how much I hate running. My strategy was to take it easy the first few laps and cruise. Well, the fact that it had rained every day for a week had made the course a little muddy.What had abeen a pretty technical course before was now a super technical course. I hit the ground 3 times that first lap.The first lap was also the only time I rode up Puke Hill. By the end of my fourth lap I wasfeeling like I had been in a long fight and had lost. Slippery roots,sections that were so slick that I even busted my butt walking all added upto many bumps and bruises. I was also having a hard time with any solid food. I decided to take a short break to eat and change my shorts and jersey and throw on some arm and knee warmers. Second mistake.I never shoulda stopped for that long.I got some food in me and felt better. Got changed and went back out. About 1 mile into the lap my lower back cramped and seized up hard. It took me over an hour to push my bike back to my pit. My father had to help me lift it over the tape. I spent the next few hours laid up trying to get it to loosen up.I finally just tried to get a little sleep figuring I'd see how it felt in the morning.I woke up feeling a little better but still not good. I rode 2 more laps so I could say that I finished since solo riders had to have a minimum of 6 laps. My biggest mistake was not working on my core strength and not having a better nutrition plan. I will definitely be doing a few of these races next year and I'll probably purchase one of Lynda Wallenfells pre-built 24 Hour training plans. I'm also going to do a few 12 Hour races as well. I should've done that this year.Maybe then I woulda had a better idea of what I was getting into. The race was a blast. Ken and the gang put on great event. The course,while hard,was really fun. Anyway,the point is, I'll be better prepared next year. I'll see yall at the 24 Hours of Burn for sure.I have to give big props out to people who actually race these vents competively. You guys are incredible.