Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cujo and new pieces of the puzzle

I can only assume that her toys were talking smack and had to be taken out in the most violent way possible.
Another piece of the puzzle. Thing are looking good for a finished bike to be here soon. Finally!!!!(Fingers crossed)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The rest of the tribe

I figured I needed to show a little love for the other furry family members. I'm always going on about the dog, and, to be honest I'm definitely more of a dog person but these 2 are pretty cool also.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Poop Storm

Seems to be a lotta shit flying about Floyd deciding to toss his hat into the NUE series this year. There's almost an entire 4 pages devoted to it in MTBR's Endurance racing forum. Some think it's cool and others think it's the work of Satan. Personally, I don't think it's such a bad thing. At the very least, it gets some attention for these races. I would love to see a race like Fool's Gold get a big write up in one of the big cycling mags, and even though it might mean more work I'm betting that Namrita and Eddie would also. I don't know for sure whether the guy doped or not. I hope he didn't because his comeback on that one stage is one of those "spine tingling" moments that make people love sports.

Let the guy race. If he wins a few, I seriously doubt he was doping to win the payout for these things.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fingers crossed

I really,really hope they make it.


Never learn the first time.....

That'sme.Always the hard way. After seeing just how hard all these races are last year, I swore to myself I was gonna wuss out and just ride from then on. I suckedto put it kindly and decided I was really nor cut out for that stuff. Amazing howtime makes it all a little fuzzier and more fun looking back. I go again. This year with more of an idea what I'm in for and much,much better prepared. Plus, with the counseling I'm becoming less of a stressed out emotional wreck. Amazing how much easier life is when your not actively looking for something to stress about and creating stress when there is none.'san extremely tentative schedule.

April-Cohutta 100 0rEpic 35....not totally sure which yet. Part of me says.."Fuck it.Dive in the deep end and go." The other part syas todo something I know I can finish and build a little confidence.

May-Burn 24

June-Lumberjack-I get 1 big bike trip this year and thisone worksout the best schedulewise.

July-ORAMM-Every year til either the race or I pass away or get to old to do it.

August-Back to Georgia for Fools Gold paradise.

September.Shenandoah-if I'm still alive

October-DSG 12 hour in Conyers-I've never ridden this course and i really,really want to.

November-Clear Springs 24-this one depends on if my pops got tocome to any races. If he'sonly a 50-50 shot. If he didn't..I'm there.

How the hell did I go from not "racing" to this? I'm an idiot?Yeah..maybe so....but I'm an idiot that loves this kinda stuff.

Later folks.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Trickling in

The parts for the new frame are slowly coming in.Ergon grips and Maxxis tires are in transit as I type. The fork will be delivered soon.Hopefully I can manage to do X-mas with my father before the month is over so I can post pics of the build as it progresses. Hell, I wanna post some pics so I can prove the damn frame actually exists.

In other news.....well....nothing much is going on. Work,ride or lift, sleep,eat,repeat. Not that I'm complaining..I actually kind of prefer a simple routine. It helps keep the voices quite. ;-)

Hope everybody had a great weekend and has a great week. Time for me to head out and enjoy the freakishly warm weather. Later yall.