Thursday, January 29, 2009

some new stuff...sorta

For the most part I've got nothing new to talk about. No new bike toys. Work is the same old,same old. Other than dreariness and rain the weather has been good, but I'm afraid if I brag about that Brian may hunt me down. ;-)

One new thing I'm trying is a total revamp of the diet. I have a pretty bad one. I work in the restaurant business and I'm pretty bad about "grazing" all day. Usually not the healthiest stuff either. Anyway, Namrita O'Dea was awesome and did a nutrition assesment for me. I highly recomend her to anybody who might want to do something like this. One thing she said that suprised me was despite my grazing all day I wasn't always taking in enough calories. This suprised me. I figured I was taking in way to much. Also, I needed to eat breakfast and not just consume coffee in the morning. OK, I knew this but it still helped having somebody else say it. I've been trying to eat more high quality calories and I've been doing pretty well for breakfast. Usually only cereal but baby steps. I'm usually not at all interested in shoving food down my throat when I wake up whether I'm hungry or not. I've been better about eating some nuts and fruits. Plus I've been eating a mid-day salad at work on most days. If it's to busy to eat I sip a bottle of Hammer Perpetuem for a "meal". It's not optimal but it keeps the fuel coming in. I've been having more energy and feeling better so it's definitely helping. Next thing to work on is cutting down on sweets and fatty foods. This is gonna be the diffucult one.

Thanks Nam!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

it's the simple things

I call this one "Sunbeam Happiness"


I'm promised a bunch of snow by the weatherperson and all I get is this little dusting. Hell, you can still see the grass. Looks like my day goes on as usual.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's back.

The music is back. I got bored and started playing around with the blog and added the playlist once again. Added some more songs(Iron Maiden has way to many cool tunes) and we're back in business.

It seems winter has decided to once again grace WNC with it's presence. It's been a pretty cold week and the morning commute to work has been a blast. Still way worth it though. It's scary how much better my mood is at work when I ride.

Hope everybody has a great week. I have to go say my prayers and whatever else the Gods need me to do to assure the Pisgah Stage Race happens and that I can afford it.

Later yall.

Friday, January 09, 2009

here we go

First "race" is right around the corner. 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. It's a new race on new trail. What more can you ask for? Not much as far as I'm concerned. Yesterday was a joy of a workout. I had about 2 hours between jobs so I hopped on the trainer for about 45 minutes. Did a few sets of 1 minute on/1 minute off puke in your mouth intervals. An integral part of my highly unscientific training plan.

Any of you guys watch the Travel Channels Man Vs. Food? The basis of the show is this guy goes to different cities and tries out different restaurants. The finale is always him attempting a local food challenge. This past week he was in Atlanta doing something called the Carnivore Challenge. He and a partner had 1 hour to eat a 30 inch pizza that weighed 11 pds. 11 FREAKING PDS!!!!!!
5 pds of that was meat!!!!!

So anybody near Atlanta wanna give it a shot? ;-) I'm kidding!!! Mostly.

Hope everybody has agreat weekend. Later folks.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Check out

A PROPOSED Pisgah Mountainbike Stage Race???????

Happy day, happy day!!!!!!!

That fresh, minty feeling....

..of a new year. Full of new possibilities. Such as, actually losing that weight, or getting faster,or, well..I'm sure there are a bunch of other things also. Anyway, I'm going to start trying to use this blog to help myself be more accountable with this sort of thing. How so? Good question. I'm going to try and start posting my rides, wieght and stuff like that. Hopefully the urge to avoid interworld humiliation will help keep me on track. We'll see.

Hope everybody had a great weekend. Later folks.