Friday, January 09, 2009

here we go

First "race" is right around the corner. 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. It's a new race on new trail. What more can you ask for? Not much as far as I'm concerned. Yesterday was a joy of a workout. I had about 2 hours between jobs so I hopped on the trainer for about 45 minutes. Did a few sets of 1 minute on/1 minute off puke in your mouth intervals. An integral part of my highly unscientific training plan.

Any of you guys watch the Travel Channels Man Vs. Food? The basis of the show is this guy goes to different cities and tries out different restaurants. The finale is always him attempting a local food challenge. This past week he was in Atlanta doing something called the Carnivore Challenge. He and a partner had 1 hour to eat a 30 inch pizza that weighed 11 pds. 11 FREAKING PDS!!!!!!
5 pds of that was meat!!!!!

So anybody near Atlanta wanna give it a shot? ;-) I'm kidding!!! Mostly.

Hope everybody has agreat weekend. Later folks.

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