Thursday, January 29, 2009

some new stuff...sorta

For the most part I've got nothing new to talk about. No new bike toys. Work is the same old,same old. Other than dreariness and rain the weather has been good, but I'm afraid if I brag about that Brian may hunt me down. ;-)

One new thing I'm trying is a total revamp of the diet. I have a pretty bad one. I work in the restaurant business and I'm pretty bad about "grazing" all day. Usually not the healthiest stuff either. Anyway, Namrita O'Dea was awesome and did a nutrition assesment for me. I highly recomend her to anybody who might want to do something like this. One thing she said that suprised me was despite my grazing all day I wasn't always taking in enough calories. This suprised me. I figured I was taking in way to much. Also, I needed to eat breakfast and not just consume coffee in the morning. OK, I knew this but it still helped having somebody else say it. I've been trying to eat more high quality calories and I've been doing pretty well for breakfast. Usually only cereal but baby steps. I'm usually not at all interested in shoving food down my throat when I wake up whether I'm hungry or not. I've been better about eating some nuts and fruits. Plus I've been eating a mid-day salad at work on most days. If it's to busy to eat I sip a bottle of Hammer Perpetuem for a "meal". It's not optimal but it keeps the fuel coming in. I've been having more energy and feeling better so it's definitely helping. Next thing to work on is cutting down on sweets and fatty foods. This is gonna be the diffucult one.

Thanks Nam!!!

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