Friday, September 29, 2006

Pulling the plug

I've decided to pull the plug on my season. I was planning on doing the Swank 65, but after what, I feel, was a disappointing showing at the 24 Hours of Pisgah I've changed my mind. The Swank is only open to 100 riders and I feel like if do it I'll be taking a spot from somebody who has a chance of doing a better race than me. Which means that I get to start planning next year. Most(pretty much all) the races I'm planning on doing don't have a set date yet but I'm gonna start planning anyway. Next year will be my most ambitious year yet.I've only done ORAMM 3 yimes and 24 HOP once. Everybody I read here in internet world does more than that in the first few months of the season. I feel like a poser when I read and post comments on thier blogs and in the mtbr forums so next year I going to fix that. Goodluckto everybody doing worlds.


Danielle said...


You have to do 24 Hours of Burn. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised.
The first 24 hour race is always the hardest, believe me. I read your training plan and it sounds good. Usually my coach has me do a few 5-7 hour rides, then I'll try to do a 12 hour race a few weeks before a 24. It's really good conditioning for your muscles, and good practice for transitions and what food you would want to eat.
You can always e-mail me if you want more tips, I've collected plenty along the way :-)

allan said...

Thanks Danielle. I will most likly take you up on that.