Saturday, October 07, 2006


Nothing new going on on this front. I've been working a lot in an attempt to save enough moola for a new bike along with entry fees for races next year.I've also actually started following a structured off-season program instead of my usual ride when I feel like it and maybe do a few push ups and sit ups. Since I'm allergic to the gym I went out and made the local Dick's Sporting Goods day. I bought dumbells,fit balls, resistance bands and all that crap. I"m using a book called Core Performance plan and over the past 2 weeks it'sdone a pretty good job of whuppin my butt. Hopefully, that means it's working. Anyway,all this means nothing without some bike training. Right now,I'm just enjoying the fall weather and doing some long mountainbike rides.There'sno real structure to them at the moment.I'll be starting that in November. Everybody have a great weekend.I gotta et to work so I can get home and glue myself to the computer for Worlds updates.Later yall.

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