Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blog theft

Been a boring time around here lately. I sprained my foot in a stupid way so I've been laid up for the last few days. help pass the time I've been creating workout playlists for my ipod. Yesterday I spent way to much time figuring out a playlist for climbing workouts. Anyway, out of sheer boredom I decided to share them with you folks(you lucky few ;-)) If anybody has any ideas to improve it..feel free to share them. Or even better..create a playlist you'd use and share it. I will then steal any ideas I like. You've been warned.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Parallel Universe( bass line and tempo are perfect for climbing. plus, i love the way they jam and go off at the end of the song)

Slipknot-Wait and Bleed(pure primal rage and anger. Slipknot is on heavy rotation on my ipod for just about every ride or race)

Anthrax-Fueled(really simple and heavy song. works great)

Metallica-Battery(no explanation needed. if you've never heard it go get a copy of Master of Puppets now)

GnR-Welcome to the Jungle(in my humble opinion...greatest song ever..i know,i know..opinions are like works for me though)

The Rollins Band-Starve(just for the line.."i make myself burn")

Fishbone-Sunless Saturday(Heavy and angry Fishbone style..which means they somehow make it sound happy)

Slipknot-Everything Ends(more I said..they get played a lot)

Metallica-Master of Puppets(Metallica gets played a lot also)

Iron Maiden-The Trooper(no real reason....I really like Maiden)

Korn-Got the Life(Just really,really dig this song)

And there we's still a work in progress so it will be added to and subtracted from.

Hope everybody is having a good week. We're finally getting some much needed rain here.

Later yall.

Oh..I titled this post Blog Theft cuz I've read other blogs like this and I was to lazy to figure out anything else to write about.

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Yoshitoshi said...

Wow man I am sorry about your foot/ankle... I hope it gets better soon! Thanks for the good wishes about my first race this Saturday... I am still sort of lost about the whole deal... I am not even sure exactly where this place is but LOL I guess I'll figure out. We should do some riding in the future when you are ok and ready to go...