Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Shopping is over!!!!!!

A decision has FINALLY been made. Of course the final winner wasn't even on my previous short list but oh well. The money will be sent out for the frame in the next few days. Then I can start agonizing over components and such.

Oh. As for the final decision. I'm once again drinking the Odea Kool-Ade and going with the Vassago Bandersnatch.

WOOHOO!!!!!! Can't wait.


oldmanandhisbike said...

That is a very cool bike. I looked at them but cost was a deciding factor for passing on it.
Guess money must be no object for you, right? :^)

allan said...

Brian-I wish!!! The frame only price was pretty attractive.I'll be piecing it together with 07 closeout deals. ;-)

Jason said...

Nice choice. Good luck!

Laura said...

Have fun with the bike build. I'm holding out for the ChupaCabra.

allan said...

Laura...I was gonna do the same thing but after talking to the Vassgo guys I decided that the bandersnatch was the best choice for my style of riding. From what they said, the Chupacabra is more of a "race only" bike and the Bandersnatch is a more "do it all" type.