Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I need a band-aid.....

..cuz I am getting cut!!! OK. Not really. I can tell the strength w/o's are having some effect though. I can do 3 pull-ups now. :-)

Anyway. Happy Thanksgiving folks!!!!!! Hope everybody as a great holiday. ime to mentally prepare for the X-mas season.

Oh. Anybody who has any experience with the SRAM drivetrain components feel free to speak up about the pros and cons. Specifically the x-9 shifters and xo rd. I've never used anything but shimano stuff. The LBS has a sweet deal going on the previously mentioned stuff and I'm thinking of buying them for the new frame. Thanks for any help.

Later folks.


Danielle said...

I'm jealous. I still can't do one :-( I guess it would help if I tried on a regular basis though.

Anyways, have a great Thanksgiving!!!

Chris said...

Happy Thanksgiving. you will be up to 5 before Christmas.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Sram is the best. The XO trigger shifters are so fast and precise, I would never go back to Shimano or even twisty's. It takes a bit to get the triggers in the right position, but the adjustments are fairly easy to do.
Have a great Thanksgiving and keep up the training!

Jason said...

I agree with the old man- SRAM! I switched two years ago and I just love how crisp and precise they are. I use X0 Twists on my main race bike and X9 triggers on the Mamasita. I prefer the twist but that's all subjective. I stick with X9 rear derailleurs. the XO is TOO freaking expensive and the thought of a stick ripping it off my frame is too much to bare! ;)

Good luck on your build!


p.s. The last time I tried a pull up was almost 20 years ago in high school. I weighed 275 lbs. I hung there like a dead cow. I like to THINK I could do one now. Keep it up!

bobikes said...

I have been running XO twists for two years without one problem. Also have xo rer der (super crisp and clean shifts) but would replace with x9 as xo so much money.

Another friend has xo triggers and they have worked perfectly all year.

Pull up report;
I've been working out to and I'm up to almost ten now. But only three a month ago. You will progress quickly.