Monday, March 27, 2006

One More Time

Alrighty. Lets try this blog thingy once more. LOL. Anya and I just got in from our morning walk/run. Got in an hour of ball chasing intervals for her. In a few minutes it'll be time for "daddy" to go work out. I must say I will never understand people who say they don't like dogs. How anyone could deprive themselves of the friendship and love they give is beyond me. anyway, I'm off today(woohoo) so I'm scheduled to do a 5 hr mtn. bike ride today. The weather is supposed to warm up some from the weekend. The 12 Hours of Tsali are coming up quick. Oh and as a reference to my last post that I did long,long ago. If you can..definitely invest in a Garmin Edge and a subscription to Motion Wonderful stuff. I can spend half an hour playing with the data that place gives you. it's great. Oh well. Time to get going. Hope everybody has a great day.

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