Monday, February 12, 2007

T-Minus 5 Days

Alrighty. I'm back to post about that ride from 2 weeks ago. LOL. It was long and cold. That's what I remember anyway. Spent last night getting stuff together for Saturday. I'm heading out on Wednesday for orlando and I don't want to forget anything so I'm already obsessing. Amanda and I are going out on the 13th for Valentines. That way we skip the crowds and I get to head out a day early. I'm super excited for the race and for the trip in general. I haven't seen one of my best friends in over a year and it's been about 6 months since I've seen the other one. Plus the fact that it's supposed to be in the 70's down there had me a little giddy as well. Hope everybody had a great weekend. I'll try and be better about posting. Later folks.

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