Monday, May 28, 2007


Like I said before. The Burn is an awesome race. Eddie does an awesome job and the course is fun as hell. Depending on how things go at my next 2 races I definitely will plan on doing it next year. I do, however, have to do way better at my next few races. Meaning, I have to pull my head out of my ass and mentally get into the game. I went into this race with the goal of 16-20 laps. I did 6. That's right...6. Not a misprint. I rode my ass off getting ready for this and a few(o.k. ....several) stupid mental mistakes undid everything.

1. Hauling a couple hundred pounds of dumbell plates I was given from my truck to the upstairs spare bedroom and pulling whatever that muscle/tendon is under my right calf.

2.Forgetting to put chamois butter on my shorts and deciding to go ahead and ride the first few hours like that cuz I didn't feel like pulling them off and doing it.

3. Forgetting electrolyte tablets.

4. Not eating during the first few laps.

The first one wasn't to bad. It only bothered me during the run and whenever I had to get off the bike which was only a few times. The second one is another story. I rode 4 hours like that and by the end of that time it felt like my chamois was made of sandpaper. I'm still paying for that one. The 3rd and fourth are the biggies. I'm pretty sure they're why I ended up curled up in my tent with massive cramps and throwing up into a bucket. What's driving me nuts is that they're all stupid mistakes. I knew it was gonna be hot so how the hell did I forget to buy Endurolytes? I know I need to be shoving calories into my mouth pretty much constantly during a race like this so why didn't I? I don't know. Maybe I'm just not cut out for this stuff. We'll see.

Anyway, Mark Hendershot(34 laps) and Namrita (22 laps..I think) won the solo categories. They both looked super strong doing it to.

Hope everybody had/is havinga good weekend. Later.


Jason said...

Mistakes or Lessons? I like to think them lessons in what not to do next time.

Every single race I do is a learning experience. I'm sure you'll find it the same.

Rest up, heal up, recover and get ready for the next one!


Danielle said...

That sucks about the cramping. Next time you'll get 'em

At least you still got one hell of a workout eh? 6 laps on that course will only make you stronger :-)

allan said...

Jason-Yeah. I'm starting to look at them as lessons also. I've already printed out a checklist for the next race.

Danielle-Definitely. That course rocks though. Except for the run. I think that's the longest run ever for a 24.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Sorry about the problems but as the others have said, lessons learned.
I wouldn't even consider doing a race like that, so more power to you for trying. And better luck in the next event!

namrita o'dea said...

hey, great to finally meet you. eh, just shrug it off as a learning experience. i traveled all the way to WI last year for 24 hour nationals, and rode 8 hours and called it a day. i've had some good races, and lots of bad ones...but it's the learning from the bad ones that makes me better in the long run. see ya at cowbell.

allan said...

Thanks Namrita. See ya there.