Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Woke up this morning to a coffee free house. No good can come of a day that starts out like this.

I see that BALCO Bonds passed Aaron's HR record last night. I'm sure he never used performance enhancing drugs in his pursuit of the record though...right? I mean, after all, only cyclists cheat..right?

Bud Selig didn't even show up for the big night. He made his bed with this steroids mess, now it's time for him to lay in it. I'm almost willing to bet that a big steroid scandal is coming down the pike for the NFL also. Unless you really want to believe that 300 pd men are running sub 5 second 40 yard dashes naturally.

At least cycling is making an honest effort to clean up.

Yall come back now. Ya hear? ;-)

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oldmanandhisbike said...

Selig is such a hippo-crit. The guy follows Bonds around for a week and a half and then doesn't show or shake his hand when he breaks the record.
Bonds was his typical gracious self last night after the homer too; pointing "number 1" at the sky like Jesus helped him do this.
Cycling has it's demons but at least they are addressing it. MLB is just trying to put butts in the stands.