Friday, December 08, 2006

F'n cold!!!!

Well...Ashevilles mild December is least for today. It is friggin cold outside. However, Weather Channel is saying we should have temps back up in the 50's next week. WOOHOO!!!!! We had some light snow and some really bad winds yesterday afternoont. I accept all blame for that. I'm almost certain that if I hadn't rode to work it never woulda happened. I love hitting the Parkway in the early morning hours though so it was worth it. Hardly any cars are on it and something about riding on it in the dark really gets me going. Maybe it's all the pink eyes my lights reflect off of that does it. I dunno. Definitely a lot of fun though. Well, I hope everybody has a great weekend. To all the mtn. bikers in much,much colder areas of the country..plz don't laugh to hard at me. I know I'm a wimp.

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