Monday, December 17, 2007

happy, happy, joy,joy part 2

I've been informed that I'll be getting a digital cam for Xmas from my pops. He also told me that he'd whup my ass(yes..I'm 39 and my father still threatens to whup my ass..he's 62 and his father says the same to's a southern thing i guess..that or a dysfuctional family thing)if I bought one before then. of the new baby are coming..soon..I promise.

As far as the new hhjj....while nowhere near as hhjj causing as the's still big to me...I have finally found a store that carries Burn. No more having to stock up when in other cities. Also this way..I won't buy a ton at a time. This leads to a fridge full and I end up drinking them way to much. I really don't need 2 a day. Hell..i don't need 2 a week. They are awesome to have at the halfway point of a long ride though.

Other than all's been a slow time around here. Working a lot, picking up heavy stuff and moving it nowhere, trying to avoid the constant cookies and candies that magically appear this time of year and playing with the dog. X-mas shopping is done(Thank God) so I'm avoiding the 7th circle of hell(the mall) I'm rambling. Hope everybody had a great weekend. Later folks.

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Namrita O'Dea said...

sweet! i only know of one store around here that carries BURN also. well, there are a few other shops but they are a hike for me to get there.

can't wait to see the pix!