Monday, June 23, 2008

Cowbell Challenge

Did the 6 hour option this year. First I want to say thanks to Taylor and the gang for a well run, really fun race. Plus, when I got there to sign in they had put cookies in everybody's goody bag. COOKIES. Pair that with not making us run to start the race off and I'm ready to declare these people saints.

I went into this race with 2 goals.

1. Go out at a pretty hard pace push it for as long as I could

2.DON'T QUIT!!!!!!! I was determined to beat the demons back and shut them up.

3.Ok. This one got added during the race. Clean that freakin uphill logpile.

I can sort of happily report that I accomplished all 3.

I pushed it(for me) the whole race, when my nagging, wussy voice started telling me I was never going to win one of these and that I should just drop out and take up model airplane building I tied it to my seatpost and drug it into submission. I cleared the uphill logpile twice. Of course neither time was when Bruce was there with his bullhorn.

I finished with 5 laps. Would've been more but I flatted the last lap and made it back after the 3 p.m. cutoff. I'm still slow but I'm faster than I was last year.

Hope everybody had a good weekend. Yall come back now.


Chris said...

Good job on accomplishing your goals.

Namrita O'Dea said...

Congrats, Allan! Nice work!!

oldmanandhisbike said...

Great effort; must be the new "machine"!
Or maybe you just KICKED ASS!

allan said...

Thanks guys.

Jason said...

Nice going Allan. Alway race for yourself. The results will happen. Keep on rollin'!