Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Random stuff

Resting and getting ready for tomorrow.

Ok. A quick ride report on the new bike. It rocks!!!! When I first got the frame I would stick it up next to my old frame just to compare how it looks. I was always wondering about the geometry. Vassago uses what they call "Wet Cat" geometry and it's a tad different than most of what you see out there. To make a short story shorter..they seem to have nailed it. It climbs as well as can be expected with me doing the pedaling....it's stable as hell when descending and corners awesome. It handles switchbacks with ease. The only thing I still need to tinker with is the height of the front end. It get's sorta light and comes up a bit on the short really steep climbs. Flipping my stem and tossing all the spacers should handle that.

June is here and the next race is a little less than 3 weeks away. The Cowbell Challenge. I'll be doing the 6 hour this year. After that it's 5 short weeks til ORAMM. This has always been the race I thought of every year when the words "bike race" were mentioned. Not anymore. This year it's a way to help prepare for the new monster that haunts my dreams....Fools Gold..aka the race that handed my ass to me on a platter last year..aka the most fun time ever. After that I'm hoping to do my initail attempt at the SM 100 and then the schedule is pretty open. We'll just have to see what happens.

Later folks.


Danielle said...

Cool! I'm going to be at both Fool's Gold and SM100 as well!

allan said...

Sweet. Wanna tow me up the first climb at Fools Gold? HAHAHA.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Silver. Cool! I thought it was green after the last photo.
I will have to get me one of those someday. It is fun to get a new bike and learn all its nuances. It took me a bit to get the 29er to feel right.
Good luck at the next race; should be a piece of cake on that new hot rod! :^)