Friday, July 11, 2008

aches and pains

We can file this under the category of "Embarassing crashes". Wenesday I headed out toKitsuma for a ride. Parked at the Old Fort picnic area and headed up to the trail. Just as soon as I get onto the trail,the skies opened up big time.Ah well,wet roots and rocks just make it more fun. HA! Got up the switchbacks with only a few dabs(one day....) and headed down. Going down Kitsuma is a blast.It's a narrow ass singletrack descent that requires your full attention. I made it all the way down with only a few small falls.Then as I came out of the woods back into the picnic area I could see my truck and started thinking about dry clothes and dinner. This lapse of attention cost me as my tires hit some wet roots my bike slid out from under me and tossed me down hard. I have assorted bruises and a beat to hell right knee that sort of resembled a softball for a day.The rear deraillur got knocked over hard enough that it required a bit ofadjusting so it wouldn't go into the spokes when I used the granny.That wouldn't have been fun.The lesson learned? The ride isn't over til your off the bike and at your vehicle. This ranks right up there with the 12 hour at Razorbacklast year when I adjusted my glasses and missed the grip with my hand and bit it.Sheesh.

Have a good weekend folks.


Misty said...

Hey Allan...hope the bike is ok! :)

Take it easier this weekend!

allan said...

Misty-Bike is good. Took it out thid morning. Apparently I also knocked the seatpost around a little and the handlebars. Good times. ;-)

Chris said...

The worst wrecks are usually the ones you never see coming.

Misty said...

Awesome Allan! I hope to have a better ride than you did tomorrow! :) Hope you are ok!

allan said...

Chris-Oh yeah. Always works out like that.

Miaty-Have a good one. Was still a good ride though.

Danielle said...

Ouch. Those falls are the worse.

At least you were on your bike though. About two months ago I was talking in a group of people before our road ride started. One of the guys leaned backwards to rest on his car. He was wearing cycling shoes and they totally slid out from underneath him. He was just standing and bit it hard!!!