Wednesday, July 02, 2008

papa got a brand new bag

Finally got my WIngnut Assault. I gotta say it's a good pack. I really like the easily gotten to side zippers. No more having to pull the pack off to reach my multi tool, gels and such. It also feels much better on the back.The lo-rider design works as advertised. Plus,it's super light. Definitely worth the wait.

Got in 4 hours (OK 3 hrs 58 minutes) yesterday at Bent Creek. It was my first time there since they did the new work on Greens Lick thats causing such a ruckus in the NC/SC forum on MTBR. I have to say,I don't get it. I liked it. I'm by far not the worlds greatest technical rider and I handled it ok. I think some folks just enjoy raising hell.

Well, I hope everybody is having a great week.Later folks.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Around here, they complain in the MTB forums when anyone makes a change to our trails. The biggest complaints are when a difficult section is cleaned up and made more rideable; explain that one to me!
Danielle raves about the wingnut too. Guess I had better get one.

allan said...

Thats a big one here also. Most trailwork here is done in the best intrest of the trail. The Forest Service wanted to "slow" the riders on Greenslick down a bit. Last year there was something like 60 emergency evacs from there.It was super smooth and super fast and easy to get to a speed that was way over your head if not careful.It was refered to as a "dirt rollercoaster":-)

oldmanandhisbike said...

The section most complained about here was a terribly washed out, poorly planned climb with numerous large root crossings. The DNR and MMBA relocated part of it to avoid sandy washes at the bottom that always happened and to add a little twist to the trail. But immediately the whining began. One guy complained about the PC police dumbing down the trails to make them "accessible". He even went on to compare it to YMCA soccer leagues where every kids gets a medal and score is not kept so no one loses! Dude, chill out.
I almost posted a nasty-gram to call him out as a poseur who was just trying to convince everyone in the forum that he a strong rider and could easily clear trail sections that others could not. But then I realized what a wasted effort that would be and dropped it.
But everytime I ride the section, I smile a little thinking about that jerk! :^)

Misty said...

Sounds like you had a great time Allan!

Pretty much anything on MTBR is a bitch fest...if you don't agree with their complaints on trails, or ride the same bike as them, or wear the same socks as pretty much suck!

I've also heard some great stuff on the wingnut!