Saturday, November 11, 2006

Be kind to your LBS

Thank God for Liberty Bikes. I put my new stem on my bike and noticed that it had a shorter stack height than the old one. I went and bought a new spacer. While I was removing the stem cap to put it on Amanda asked me a question and I (not being all that bright at times) turned the hex wrench the wrong way while answering. Uh-oh. Well, now I had a bolt that was way over tight. I was tryin to loosen it I felt the hex wrench twist freely. Knowing there was no way this could be a good thing I looked at the bolt. Yup, what used to be a hexagon shape was now round. Crap. Anyway, after I made a few comments regarding my intelligence and such I took the bike over to Liberty. They had to drill and hammer to finally get the EZ out around the bolt but they finally got it out and got everything right. They didn't even laugh straight at my face. Yeah, I'm rambling this morning. Sorry. Ah well. off to work. Later folks.

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