Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Approaching liftoff....

..for the next race of the year. All signs are pointing towards it being really,really hot. I honestly don't mind the heat. When I lived in florida I used to actually enjoy riding in the midday heat. Of course, since moving here I've become a bit more of a hot weather wimp. As long as I stay hydrated and take my freaking electrolyte pills I should be ok though. I'm looking forward to this race for a few different reasons.

1. It's for a really good cause. It benefits The Lance Armstrong Foundation. Anything that helps raise money to cure cancer needs to be supported big time.

2. Lets me put some hard race miles in my legs before ORAMM.

3. I've never ridden the trails at the National Whitewater Center before. Any chance to ride new trails is a good thing to me

4. A chance to put the "lessons" learned from Burn to use.

Good luck to Bonnie and Danielle at Lumberjack this weekend. Also good luck to everybody else who is racing this weekend. Later yall.

P.S. Anybody who feels the urge to give me some hints about what the trails are like for Cowbell feel free.


ExtrmTao said...

Red Clay, Steep, rooty and fun. If it rains, it will be NASTY!

allan said...

Cool. Thanks.