Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Really cool race. They didn't make us run therefore earning my eternal gratitude. The day was super hot. I think the high was around 94. I actually felt really good before the race. Peppy even.

The race got started at 10 and everything was going well. I was holding back a little. I didn't wanna blow up in the heat. About halfway through the lap I heard a banging noise. I looked down and noticed that my bottle cage was flopping around and that there was a nice big hole where part of it used to be connected to my frame. Uh-Oh. I pulled the bottle out and stuck it in my jersey then tried to reposistion the cage. Thats when the other bolt ripped out. Now I had 2 rather large holes in my frame. Both water bottle mounts had come completely out. I stuck the cage in my camel back and rode the rest of the lap. I'm not any kind of expert on frame integrity whatsoever. All I could think of was all the stories I'd heard of people's frames breaking after they'd drilled holes in them to save weight. I kept thinking I could feel the frame flex while I rode. I got back to my pit madder than hell. I was convinced that my racing and riding where done for a few months at least. I packed up and headed home. Went to the bike shop and asked the mechanic about it. He then informed me that I could just put some electrical tape over the wholes to keep the water out and it would be fine. WHAT????? I then spent the next few days kicking myself in the ass. I'm an idiot. later.

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Chris said...

That blows.