Monday, June 11, 2007

I need to win the lottery

Work is killing me. We've had 3 people quit over the last week and the workload has almost doubled for everybody. I try not to let this kind of stuff get to me and just accept it as part of life but every now and then I want to scream. OK...maybe not scream but at least throw stuff and curse.

Anyway. Only 12 more days to Cowbell and only 41 more days to ORAMM. ORAMM is my "big race" every year. It's the race that got me on this endurance biking kick and's just a blast. Todd(the promoter) makes it super fun and really,really hard. It's about 65 miles long with around 11,000 feet of vertical gain. If any of you guys and gals happen to be in the WNC area on July 22nd I highly reccomend you sign up and go for it.

Well, time to get to the grind. Hope everybody has a great day.


Danielle said...

I need to win the lottery too!

Good luck at your next race :-)

oldmanandhisbike said...

Don't give up; it will get better. But keep buying those tickets, just in case! :^)