Saturday, July 28, 2007

bad blogger...bad,bad blogger

OK. I haven't posted a race report or..well...anything for almost a week. ooops. Sorry. Been extra busy. I was thinking that after ORAMM I would actually de-stress about racing for a week. Then it hit me that Fools Gold was only 3 weeks away and that is my first attempt at a hundie. Now I'm stressing about that. I'm guessing it's gonna be a 12-14 hour day. That's alright though. A long day on new trails sounds damn good actually.

As far as ORAMM. Here's the condensed version. It was hard. Real hard. Luckily, unlike every other year I've done it...the trails were dry. WOO..freaking..HOO!!!!!!!! I was happy as hell to see that. The roots and rocks on Kitsuma and Heartbreak are hard enough dry. Wet they're a f'n meanace. Anyway..I suffered..I climbed for what felt like forever on Curtis Creek. Here's the funny part though..unlike past years..I never hated it or wondered what the hell I was doing out there. In fact..I had a damn good time for the whole race. I'm looking at this as a sign of progress.

Oh. I know I've said it a 100 times but Carbo Plus rocks!!!! Never felt hungry the whole race. Used mostly the Carbo Plus/Gator-ade combo along with powerbar gels and 3 snickers marathon bars and that was pretty much it. Well..except for the Dr. Thunder at aid station 3..after the 9 Miles of Curtis Creek. At the time..I thought it was the best soda ever. Anyway hope everybody has a great weekend. Later Yall.

Oh.....good luck to everybody at 24 Nationals.

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