Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sucked in again

OK. First things first. God bless coffee!!!!!!!

I tried. I really did. I honestly thought that I'd be able to resist the TdF this year. I've been nothing but disgusted with the constant doping reports. The high and mighty attitudes of the governing bodies. All of it had pretty much turned me off on pro road cycling. I thought.

I managed to not watch the prologue. That's not really much of a feat though. Next thing you know, I'm reading about Robbie McEwen's awesome sprint to win stage 1 and the next thing you know I'm flipping channels to VS. like my life depended on it. Damn, that guy is f----ng fast!!!!!!!!!! Then Cancelleras win in the stage on teusday. WOW!!!!! I'm hooked. I can't help it. I just keep my fingers crossed that no major scandals come from this. Sports and "sports entertainment" have just been way to depressing lately. I'm hoping this years race can stand out as what bike racing can and should be. Plus I want it to shove it in the face of the "journalists" who call for a boycott of bike racing because of the doping scandals then fall all over themselves over Barry Bonds and baseball.

Hope everybody is having a great week and getting a lot of hours in bikewise. later folks.


oldmanandhisbike said...

Totally feel your frustration with everything cycling. But just like you, I am having a ball so far with this years TdF.
I will cross toes and fingers if it will help avoid another scandal.
Barry Bonds and the MLB can kiss my @$$. I love the game and support my team, but they cannot dismiss their skeletons IMHO.
Keep ridin'!

allan said...

Brian-Yup. My sentiments exactly. It amazes me how people call cycling a joke because of doping but then go nuts over football. 6'5 320 pound men running a 40 yard dash in less than 5 seconds naturally? Yeah right! Don't get me wrong..I'm a fan of football and baseball but please....cycling has done way more about doping than both of those sports combined.

Laura said...

Hi Allan - came across your blog through Danielle's.

I also feel your frustration. Tyler Hamilton was my first cycling hero. I was crushed when he was banned. Vowed I'd stop following procycling after that. But the next summer got sucked back into watching the tour. Just can't help myself. Even with all the scandals I find it so inspiring. The hardest part for me is defending it to my baseball loving coworkers.

allan said...

Laura-Hi there. Thanks for checking out my boring corner of blogland. Most of my co-workers ignore cycling but I've managed to get one non cyclist hooked enough to where he actually watches it. I consider that a major victory.