Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Alrighty!!!! Got the dates and prices for Burn. I'll be sending them money soon. That'll be one more race off the checklist.The season is starting to slowly come together. I know it'll only be 6 or 7 races at the mostand to most people that isn't much of a season but I'm old and poor and by my standards this will be big. reading this thread this morning and I've decided that I should stop. I see everybody elses week and think I should try and follow that. I need to stick with my training and believe it'll work. I'm way to easily led astray by fancy workouts. Well. except maybe for Dicky's. Sounds fun. Except I quit drinking and the beer part seems to be the big selling point. Sigh.Ah well. off to pay the bills. Yall have fun

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