Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hooray for ipods

Got an ipod for Xmas from my dad. I had mentioned in passing how I thought they would be neat to have during the night laps of 24 hour races and lo and behold he hooked me up. After a few mtnbike rides with it I have no idea how I made it without one. It goes with me on all my strength workouts also and to work. My boss is loving it cuz it means he doesn't have to hear Slipknot and Metallica over the speakers at work. If I can ever figure out how to put my playlists on here like Jason does I will. My computer ignorance is really starting to tick me off. The dieting andworking out are going well. I've dropped 4 pds in the past few weeks and definitely feel stronger on the bike. The 12 Hours of razorback is in 5 weeks so we'll see where I stand there. I'm not expecting great things there but I'm hoping it'll give me a clear idea of what to work on before Burn. Hope everybody has a great day and weekend.

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