Thursday, April 12, 2007

Just get it over with.

Found this ( today. I really,really wish they would get on with this. I really wanted to believe that Floyd is innocent but now I just want them to get it done. One way or the other. USADA has decided they want to test the B samples of Floyd's tests that came back negative at the tour. Of course, Landis and his people are raising hell about it. They say it's against the doping code to test B samples when the A sample has already been tested negative. Some arbitrators in Canada ruled in favor of USADA. So they're going to be tested at the same lab in France that has already been in the center of a shitstorm because they supposedly dont follow the proper protocols. If USADA and WADA are so sure that they will find something in these samples then why the hell don't they have them tested at another lab to remove that particular point of dissension? Landis and his people wanted them tested at a lab on the UCLA campus but the ruling said that the samples are the property of USADA and they can have them tested wherever they want. Anyway, it's all in the article.

In happier news...Amanda's mom is coming over to do a belated Easter dinner today since we both had to work on Easter. Thisis mostly a good thing. I say mostly because last night Amanda made some caramel apple cheesecake that she saw on Paula Deen's Home Cooking show on Food Network. I swear I gained 5 pds just looking at it.

Ah well..hope everybody has a great day. Later folks.

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oldmanandhisbike said...

I would agree with you on "getting this over with". However, he is at the mercy of the judicial system and the wheels grind slowly.
It would be wonderful to see full vidication, but not sure that is possible at this point. And I am tired of American's cyclist being labeled cheaters. It is difficult enough to be successful in Europe and promote cycling in the US without this stigma attached to it.