Monday, April 30, 2007

ORAMM practice

Ever have one of those days when you know you'll be dragging ass all day? Today is gonna be one of those days for me. I went out yesterday and rode a big chunk of the ORAMM route. I started out from the Old Fort picnic area. Then climbed up old 70 and Kitsuma, came back down Kitsuma and hit Star Gap and climbed Curtis Creek road. At that point I had to turn around because I had to help my sister finish moving. I screwed up and only ate a clif bar and some mini rice cakes after I rode. it was about 4 hours before I ate a real meal and I'm paying the price today. Oh well..the ride was totally worth it. Hopefully I'll have a few pics up from it in a few days.

Really can't say enough about the Carbo Pro/Gatorade powder mix. That stuff is rocket fuel. Also the Ergon Enduro grips. I'm still not used to my hands not being numb during the ride and then hurting for hours after. They rock.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. Later.


Jason said...

I'm intrigued by Carbo-Pro. Where did you buy it? Direct on line? Had it given you any stomach issues when using it.

Mixing it with a better flavored drink, sounds yummy and possible easier to get down than Perpetuem for 12 hours or more.


allan said...

Jason-I got it on line. Here is the link...

I haven't had any stomach issued with it yet. It doesn't have any protien or fats in it like perpetuem so you minght need to get those from solid foods.
Burn will be the first race I use it in. I'll definitely be talking about how it works after.

allan said...

OK. Looks like the entire link didn't make it. I found that site by googling Universal carbo Plus. If you go down a few posts on my blog there should be a link there also.

Jason said...

got it dude.
thanks! Mixed with Accelerade it would rock.
More carb and Accelerade has fat (1g)/protein(5g) per serving.

namrita o'dea said...

allan is drinkin the koolaid! i just ordered 10 containers myself. it's the secret rocket fuel of champions. :)

Jason said...

after this weekend's stomach issues I'm willing to try anything, thanks for the help for the tip. What could it hurt at this point