Tuesday, April 24, 2007

New stuff sorta reviewed.

In my last post I mentioned a few new things I'd gotten. Here is my quick review of them.

The glasses work really well. They don't fog up and stay on my oddly shaped nose really well. In fact, I forget they're there which is the best praise I can give them.

The Carbo Pro/Gatorade mixture works really well also. I actually like the taste of it thanks to the gatorade. The carbo pro powder manages to pack 55 grams of carbs and 220 calories into a bottle and since none of it is sugar calories it provides a nice,even, long lasting energy level. Combine that with the gatorades carbs and calories and each bottle is like rocket fuel. Combine that with the fact that the huge tub of gatorade costs $9 at Sams and that I got about 9 pds of carbo pro for $32 including shipping from this place(http://http://www.a1nutritionproducts.com/buy/universal_nutrition/carbo_plus/2lb) and I consider it a bargain. That's about 3 times as much stuff as the large canister of Accelerade for the same price.

This coming Satuday starts the 4 week countdown to Burn. WOOHOO!!!! Can't wait. After that, it's a race a month until at least August.

Hope everybody has a great day. Later folks.


Danielle said...

I really like Optic Nerves for the same reason. They are super durable too.

I can't wait to hear about your Burn race. Eddie does a fantastic job and the course is super fun. The only thing that got old was the climb you have to do over and over again in the beginning!

allan said...

Good to know about the durability. Knowing me that will be put to test pretty soon.

I can't wait for Burn either. I'm gonna go hang out at PMBAR next weekend to cheer some folks on and I KNOW that I'll be going crazy just watching.

namrita o'dea said...

Nice, glad you like the drink mix!

Haha, that climb Danielle refers to is the one I almost toppled over on in the middle of the night last year because I was barely moving in my granny...eeek, some memories are best forgotten :)