Friday, April 20, 2007

New stuff

Got my new glasses in yesterday. Finally!!!!! It sucked riding w/o eyewear for the past 2.5 weeks. Felt really strange. Not to mention I hated my eyes feeling vulnerable like that. I was going to get Tifosi's but then I found some Optic Nerve Scorches on sale at Nashbar and went with them. They have interchangeable lenses and the lenses have vents so hopefully they work out. Oh yeah, they were also marked down to 19.99. That's always a big help with me. Plus they sponsor one of my heroes(Danielle) or should that be shero?

Now, I'm just waiting for my package of Universal Carbo Pro to come in. I read some stuff on MTBR by Namrita and Eddie O about how they mix it with gatorade and it works for them and doesn't cause them any stomach problems. I've been using Accelerade with no stomach issues but I can get this stuff for about 1/4 of the price so if it works for me as well that's more savings for race fees cuz let's face it..these things aint cheap.

Hope everybody has a great weekend. Later yall.


namrita o'dea said...

you'll like it, i promise. i ran out before cohutta and chose to substitute SE+heed..ouch. i missed my carbo plus..

allan said...

Namrita-That stuff is awesome. Thank you and Eddie for mentioning it in that mtbr post. I like it way better than anything else I've tried.